Tuesday, June 17

Moved from here!

This is the final post from What Kaveri Seas!
I've shifted homes online.

Do visit me for regular updates on http://kaverigeewhiz.tumblr.com 
where I do daily comics and fun illustrations for myself,
and share my professional work at behance.net/kaveri


Monday, February 3

Adventurous Outdoorsy Illustrations: ZOMG

I really enjoyed illustrating for the Wildlife Trust of India. Working on my animal drawing and paying tribute to lush wildlife for a cause- loved eet! 
Oh this was just lush to draw. (Below) Illustrated training manual for Crime Prevention Week in Bhutan.  My Bhutan trip plans fell through, but this didn't. :) I also learnt about the Takin (rather like a glorious shaggy goat-hamster) the national animal of the country.

(Below) A tshirt/ID badge design for the Amur Falcons conservation campaign in Nagaland.  

(Below) More merchandise for a Bangalore-based company.

Roadster does vintage and classic car and bike hire and merchandise.
I illustrated for their new range of merchandise: (Above) images are the tees and cushion covers from their shoot.

(Above) Mug designs for Embrace Innovations. The qualities mentioned on the mugs are part of the companys' guidelines/mission. The brief was to be simplistic.

Thursday, January 9

Little things make Happy people

A birthday card which flew to Ahmedabad to join seven more. Printed on pretty paper and packaged with love, garba, beer, college memories and some sweet branding. Each fold-out had a together pic+caricature. The fellow was happy :) And everyone had fun making it.

"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust."

(Above) Handwritten type for a lovely quote by Rumi, with (right) me playing the poser fool in unsewn cushion fabric (what a dream saree no really)

(Above) Illustration as a cushion covers and framed art print. It's very flattering to see a very attractive person holding your product! *gloat*
Bechain Nagri had a nice run this 2014, despite hectic schedules: Comic Con 2013, at both Delhi and Bangalore. Stalls at Chitrakatha '13 (the international students animation film festival, hosted by my alma mater) and the happiest music festival NH7, followed. 

Tuesday, December 17

More products! Samosas, block prints and diabetes.

I've been massively busy the last few months, and here's explaining some of why. Here we haz zum product releases for Chumbak, lots of fun and colourful samosa love.

(Above) I illustrated two months of the annual Chumbak 2014 calender. May is Mothers' Day month, August is ehrm Patriotic Catz India flag-hoisting month.

(Above) The Bazaar pattern was insanely fun to work on. I love infusing my little characters with tiny quirks and also occasionally goofily creepy expressions. Here seen wrapped on a mug, but do click for a closer look :) (Below) We has the t-shirt version of the same illustration. 

(Above) Bazaar on womens tees, pick between two colours. Got to love the bookworm girl. No?

(Above) Saaaaikal! My BSA Ladybird cycle didn't have a kutti psychedelic tiffin carrier attached to it, but we sure drove around Mysore like badasses. Here seen on some yummy cushion covers, phone case, sunglasses case and an A5 notebook. Click for a closer look, there's some pretty fun painting detail.

(Above) This gramophone has a whole lot of nostalgia going on with Bata chappals, old dabba mobile phones and some block prints. Here seen on limey 16" and 12" cushion covers.

(Above) Golas, ice-lollies and the cheap thrills from noxious flavours like kala-khatta, american orange and jamoon mix. Here seen on 16" and 12" cushion covers.

(Above) Ikat Autos and Chai-Samosa patterns on the new long and square wallets. 
Ikat is an old love (my wardrobe reveals indecent feelings for any sort of ethnic print) while chai-samosa simply celebrates Chai Gate, which holds my closest college memories at NID, Ahmedabad.  Fitting tributes. 
I worked on the entire wallets range for months, understanding materials and colours and going over tiny production details forever. It's all worth it to see these baybees out and being loved!

(Above) I leave you with a classic day-in-the-life of an independent illustrator, taking a much-needed Photoshop break. Love and torturing littul kitten paws!

Tuesday, November 12

Poof!Some Products.

Oh, there's too much to update nicely.
(Isn't that an excellent, smug feeling?) 

(Above) Riot of colour and diabetic nightmare this Diwali: Mitthai tin. Buy me super-switt tin.

(Above) Ikat phone cases for the Samsung series as well as hard-shell iPad covers.

(Above) The TV silicon couch pouch! A bouncy little old-school television box set.

We also made a little animated promo for the Happy Little Things: Charms! Cracked the skulls over lyrics and then some. An entirely new product category for Chumbak, and a lot of fun playing around with Indian charms. The PCO and nimbu-mirchi are super adorable.

Watch video HERE !

Wednesday, July 31

Updates from February

UPDATES. The past eight months at Chumbak have been crazily busy, to say the least. So many new products (and more to come). I'm losing track of my months as a good law-abiding office-goer! There's always so much to do, and never enough time as a full-time designer to sit back and evaluate. Sometimes its design management, and other times making sure production happens the way it should :). 

(Above) Let's start off with Feb '13 : Based on the cheery little 'Everybody Loves Everyone' Valentines Day promo ( by the talented folks Rajiv Eipe and Archana Srinivasan) I made a series of coffee mugs (in a very short span of time, before running off to Delhi Comic Con).
Oh look, Delhi Comic Con. 

I've been dying to go ever since the first run, and had the opportunity this time to chill behind the scenes. Did I say chill? People have amazing buying power, I must say. I do love working behind a stall and interacting with people: making new friends and getting unexpected hugs from old ones. I'm discovering a gradual fondness for Delhi as a city; having explored the city two weekends in a row en-route the further madness and random adventure that was the Maha Kumbh Mela. But that's another story. 

We also moved into a gorgeous new office in a rather spectacular new fashion: the shoot for Google Adwords.  Watch it HEREEEEE. And maybe spot me. Hee.

(Above) Rakshasa, vadapav and filter coffee magnets. All my best frands.
Okbye nexttime <3 i="">

Thursday, May 23

Sky Eaters

Feathered friends and
constant rainfall and
inconsistant powercuts
and sleepless

Tuesday, March 12

Summer Stories

I fully support escapism.

There's nothing like a book.
 Not a good book; any book really.
 We're not talking literature value here.
We're speaking of hours being minutes, time stilling and the
 re-microwaving of chai gone still.
There's so much traffic outside my window.

We're also speaking of ourselves as a third person.
-April Diaries.

I really need a cup of tea 

when I need 
a cup of tea.

Hi April! I'm breathing under sea-water, and the sun feels kinda good.

Tuesday, January 15

New Year and two Ear free

What I've been upto.

It's been so long since I updated, that I've treated myself and

 kiiiiind friends to a big update. 
(Not that there was much choice, really.)

So December I moved to Bangalore and my new house has a kickass morning scene :)

Christmas mugs came out! 
My first product at Chumbak :)

And January. The Chumbak 2013 calender sold out :)
I designed the February and May pages. The former was a tribute
 to the good old days of growing up in Mysore 
amidst the friendly Roadside Romeos that are 
oh-so effervescent of awarr Indian culture. Yesh!

PS before signing off: You've got to take a look at my frand Mana's animated greeting for New Year.
If you watch twice, you get another view free. 
Er. Anyway. 

Tuesday, December 11


Someone speshul might be moving to Japan and I feels sad.

I'd really like my own Totoro;
 Tonari no Totoro (Studio Ghibli) is the most comfort food like film in the world.